The Wanderlust-Moon: Haiku and Tanka


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The Wanderlust-Moon: Haiku and Tanka

By Suraj Nanu

Foreword by Hidenori Hiruta

“Under the current circumstances, the publication of the book ‘The Wanderlust-Moon’ marks an epoch in haiku history, which holds great importance for mankind in the future. As one of the sensitive travelers, Suraj Nanu has been writing haiku to ascend to a higher realm of ‘humaneness’ on the path ahead.
As a haiku poet, I found it important to share haiku and deepen mutual understanding.
The introductory note,‘Understanding Haiku: A Gentle Introduction’ is very inspiring and interesting to the rising generations as well as seniors, which drives them into reading, enjoying, and creating haiku.—From the Foreword by Hidenori Hiruta, Chief Director, Akita International Haiku Network

The Wanderlust-Moon,” a captivating collection of haiku, tanka, and tanka-prose, will carry you to familiar and ethereal realms. Whether you’re a seasoned admirer of Japanese short-form poetry or just beginning to explore its beauty, prepare to be enchanted, moved, and inspired as you lose yourself in the timeless allure of these brilliant pieces. It’s a book worth reading… again and again, bringing an inner peace that lasts.


Haiku, known for its succinctness and brevity, is considered the shortest form of poetry. Its brevity is not solely attributed to the limited syllable count; it does not aim to condense a long or intricate idea into a few syllables. Instead, it captures a fleeting moment of experience and depicts it in its simplest and most authentic form. As Roland Barthes observes in Empire of Signs, ‘The haiku is not a rich thought reduced to a brief form, but a brief event which immediately finds its proper form.’ … Through the use of sensory images conveyed in straightforward and objective terms, haiku elicits similar raw emotions in the reader’s mind as those experienced by the haiku’s creator at the moment of its creation. This shared profundity between the writer and the reader embodies the sublime essence of the haiku experience.—From the Introductory note.
Artwork by Fukuzawa Ikubun, Nagano, Japan


About the Author 
Suraj Nanu is a widely published Haiku Poet, with his haiku, tanka, haibun, and tanka prose featured in over forty journals worldwide, spanning Australia, Canada, Germany, India, Japan, New Zealand, the UK, and the USA. Twice, his commentaries on haiku have earned him the top spot in the Haiku Foundation’s commentary feature, re:Virals. He is a member of both the British Haiku Society and the Tanka Society of America. Formerly based in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, he now resides on the fringe of a Wildlife Sanctuary nestled in the Western Ghats of India. His haiku have been translated into German and Japanese. He has traversed India extensively and explored Europe and Asia as well. Despite its brevity, his stint in Japan delicately rekindled his passion for haiku and other short forms of Japanese poetry.



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