The Little Astronaut and Other Novellas


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The Little Astronaut & Other Novellas

Charu Gulnar

Novellas by a ten year old girl

  1. The Little Astronaut – Part I

Sophie Bell is a ten year old girl who wants to become a pop star. But her mother forbids her wishes, because she wanted to become an astronaut when she was young, but couldn’t, so she wants Sophie to fulfill her wish. Finally, with the help of new discoveries, Sophie is blasted to space. But things take a turn when she gets stuck there, and also discovers a village called Nokkville.

2. The Little Astronaut Part II: The New Adventure

Sophie Bell’s friend from Nokkville, Honeymary, starts sending letters to her, asking for her and her best friend Sarah to come back again. At first they ignore it, thinking that it’s just a prank. But things quickly change when they learn that Nokkville is in serious trouble.

3. Esther Woods and the Magical Coconut Tree (Part I)

Eight year old Esther Woods’s life changes when she befriends a talking coconut tree named Mekhan. Soon enough, she and her sister Rosy find themselves in a race against time to save their friend from an evil wood – cutter.

4. Esther Woods and the Mysterious Factory(Part II)

Esther Woods discovers an ‘abandoned’ factory, which has smoke coming out of its chimneys, as well as other suspicious happenings. When Esther and Rosy find the mystery too difficult to solve by themselves, they’re compelled to turn to an unlikely source for help.


Pages:  140
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