A Handbook of Critical Theory


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A Handbook of Critical Theory

Compiled and Edited by Dr. T V Thomas

Pages: 210

B Format


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* Introducing Critical Theory
* Summaries of Seminal Essays
* Explanations of Core Concepts
* Essential Handbook for Students, Research Scholars and Teachers of Literature and Literary Theory

Critical Theory (‘Theory’) arose in France in the 1960s as a transdisciplinary enquiry into the functioning of literature and culture as signifying systems of which language provides the prime example.  Attempts to build a science on the model of the linguistic paradigm led to the formulation of structuralism.  Poststructuralism, a radicalized version of that theory, rose to prominence in the 70s, passing imperceptibly into the more popular variant, postmodernism.  Adopted by the Anglo-American academy, ‘French Theory’ quickly established itself as the dominant discourse in disciplines across the humanities and the social sciences.

This Handbook offers a selective study of theory’s trajectory with extended discussions of formulations that stand out for their radicality and innovative force (Part One), followed by analytical summaries of founding texts and brief accounts of major topics (Part Two), concluding with a glossary of terms and concepts most frequently used in critical discourse (Part Three).

About the Author 

Dr T V Thomas received his M A in English Language and Literature from the University of Kerala, his Ph D from the University of Fribourg, Switzerland.  From 1977 to 2000 he served as lecturer in the Department of English, St Thomas College, Pala.  Currently, he is working as part-time lecturer at Mar Augusthinose College, Ramapuam, Kottayam District.


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